But Do You Really Want To Understand Something About Us Women??!

But Do You Really Want To Understand Something About Us Women??!

With musicians from her beloved, Charles Mingus, Frank Zappa and Zakir Hussain, Leonard Cohen, John Lennon, Patrizia Cerroni wants to communicate “something” of the modern woman, she understood what being a woman and tells it with his magical dance.

A free woman, shrewd, no longer subject to any restrictive fee: mistress of herself and of her destiny. Always been the favorite theme of his choreography was love in relationship with each other and, likewise, the central theme of his life is being a woman today.

With lightness and irony, in this show, we are guided by the dance and his poetry in the labyrinth of emotions and feminine in comparison with the substantial differences of the two hemispheres of male and female, faced with the harmony and the smile. Here we speak of love, eroticism, sensuality.

Seduction and love: these are the themes of the show. Dating rapid, sensual, languid or deep, but always full of lightness, floating in space bathed in soft lighting. For each “picture” corresponds to a different musical background, which raises profound and new emotions. And ‘pure movement, it is joy that shines through, is all-encompassing feeling that flows along with the sounds and lights as a fluid current and joyful created by the emotions that are released in the next couple of dancers. The movement is the protagonist of a story infinity, the characters go through a dynamic vibrant and irrepressible.

The nudity of the female body is the elemental force of nature, a symbol of freedom and the principle of union. They can smell the true meaning of this show: the communication of deep spirituality that is inherent in eroticism and that, at the height of its light weight, it soars beyond the seduction and love.

The spirit, the beauty prevail over all: they are the expression of the highest and purest love.


Photos by Roberto Cavanna